All the contacts of the GP’s of Pécs here

The new coronavirus has brought many fundamental changes to daily life, and requires novel solutions. In defense of our elderly doctors, those above the age of 65 have been withdrawn from the frontline of healthcare, now assisting the citizens of Pécs through telephone.

Uránia Mozi

The spread of the new coronavirus and the circumstances of the current epidemic situation resulted in a large increase of incoming phone calls to doctors and health facilities. This often causes the phone lines to be overloaded, many times ending in failed calls, leaving people unable to establish contact.

Answering the requirements of the citizens, an attachment to this notice contains the e-mail addresses of doctors and pediatricians in the city. With this in mind, we ask citizens to prioritize sending e-mails whenever possible and if their problems are not urgent (e.g. asking for regularly used medicine) instead of placing a phone call. We also ask for your patience regarding answers due to the extraordinary workload of our doctors.

We ask the foreign students of the University of Pécs to contact the doctor’s office below:


Address: 7624 Pécs Nyár u. 8.

Telephone number: 72/507-520



Monday: 8.30–11.30; 12.00–15.00
Tuesday: 8.30–15.00
Wednesday: 8.30–15.00
Thursday: 8.00–15.00
Friday: 8.00–12.00; 13.00–14.00

For further information and contacts please click on this link or to this.