The TV-tower of Pécs is celebrating the healthcare workers as well

The TV-tower expresses the respect for those, who are fighting for the health and life of the citizens. Announcement from the Mayor of Pécs follows.

Uránia Mozi

As you may know, there is a global initiative, that encourages people to stand in their balconies or windows, every night, at 20.00, and applause for the healthcare workers worldwide.

Both personally, and officially I am incredibly thankful for those citizens in Pécs, who are facing the coronavirus everyday, or fighting for the health and life of the citizens, in other fields. So I asked the head of Kommunikációs Központ Kft., that the TV-tower should express the respect to these people as well, from 25th of March. Thus, from today, the tower will be pulsing and „applausing” in national colors, every night, between 20.00 and 21.00.

I am grateful for all the hard and persistent job, the healthcare workers are doing everyday.

Péterffy Attila
Mayor of Pécs