Free local public transportation for healthcare workers

Péter Hoppál, Member of Parliament has reiterated the recommendation of the Operative Group regarding the free use of public transport for healthcare workers in an open letter on Monday. We find it important that in these challenging times, a strong and unified community develop itself in the city of Pécs, and have therefore gratefully accepted Mr. Hoppál’s letter and proposal.

Uránia Mozi

Accordingly, the mayor of Pécs has issued the necessary ordinances so that healthcare workers can use public transport free of charge starting March 31st until the 15th day after the end of the coronavirus emergency. Details of ordinance are listed below.

To help the transportation of healthcare workers, we have taken further steps. Last week, we started negotiations about free parking for healthcare workers involved with university clinics, doctors, pediatricians and workers in the area of specialized care for the duration of the epidemic emergency.

More negotiations are underway to newly establish free, direct public transport connections between healthcare facilities in the city, aimed at healthcare workers taking part daily in the mitigation of the coronavirus epidemic.

Municipality of Pécs

Details regarding the mayoral ordinance regarding free public transport for healthcare workers:

All healthcare workers are entitled to free and unlimited use of transport services provided by Tüke Busz Zrt.

Scope of ordinance: from March 31st until the 15th day after the end of the coronavirus emergency.

Methods of proving eligibility for free transportation:

  • Verification issued by the healthcare provider facility or the facility management
  • Certificate of authorization issued to qualified healthcare workers
  • In case neither of the above is available, the combination of the personal ID card, the residence card and a 12-time yearly ‘travel voucher’ issued by the healthcare service provider or its management either in 2019 or 2020 must be presented.