Markets at your doorstep

Due to the emergency enacted because of the new coronavirus epidemic, the municipality of Pécs was forced to close several markets and the market hall, while those remaining open have reduced opening hours.

Uránia Mozi

In order to secure access to local produce for citizens and continuing sales for producers, several merchants have decided to start home delivery of goods.

It was a specific goal to establish a new channel of sales for producers of raw meat products, as due to the health and safety requirements they are not permitted to sell in open spaces.

As an attachment to this notice, we have included the contacts of all the market merchants in the city who now provide deliveries. In case the list of contacts is expanded, citizens will be notified accordingly.

To ensure the safe delivery of products into homes and the health of both deliverers and customers, the municipality of Pécs supplies the participants with masks and rubber gloves.

Municipality of Pécs

The List of contacts