New bus line for the heathcare workers of Pécs

During the coronavirus epidemic emergency, in order to slow down the spread of the virus as much as possible, the Municipality of Pécs, the University of Pécs and Tüke Busz Zrt. are collaborating to ensure the operation of new bus services every day starting April 8th. The new service includes connections between the southern part of the city (Kertváros), the Coronavirus Care Center (Kórház tér) and the Janus Pannonius Clinics (Klinikák).

Uránia Mozi

Service on these lines follows the shift changes of 6AM and 6PM. The service, labeled and marked for healthcare workers leaves from Krisztina tér at 5.15AM and 5.15PM every day, and continues along the following stops: Aidinger János utca – Nagy Imre út – Keszüi út – Vásárcsarnok – Kórház tér – Klinikák.

After the shift change, buses leave from Klinikák station at 6.20AM and 6.20PM, and follow the route Kórház tér – Autóbusz-állomás – Keszüi út – Nagy Imre út – Aidinger János utca – Krisztina tér.

These specially operating vehicles, as all the others, are disinfected after every finished route, thereby minimizing the risk of spreading the virus. On April 8th, 30 healthcare workers have used these extra services.

Schedule for the special healthcare bus service
(Kertváros – Kórház tér – Klinikák)

Operates daily starting April 8th

Krisztina tér 5.15 17.15
Aidinger János utca 5.16 17.16
Sztárai Mihály utca 5.17 17.17
Csontváry utca 5.18 17.18
Várkonyi Nándor utca 5.19 17.19
Sarolta utca 5.21 17.21
Nagy Imre utca 5.22 17.22
Bogár utca 5.23 17.23
Berzsenyi utca 5.24 17.24
Vásárcsarnok 5.30 17.30
Kórház tér 5.33 17.33
Klinikák 5.38 17.38


Klinikák 6.20 18.20
Kórház tér 6.24 18.24
Autóbusz-állomás 6.28 18.28
Berzsenyi utca 6.33 18.33
Bogár utca 6.34 18.34
Sarolta utca 6.36 18.36
Lahti utca 6.37 18.37
Várkonyi Nándor utca 6.38 18.38
Csontváry utca 6.39 18.39
Sztárai Mihály utca 6.41 18.41
Aidinger János utca 6.42 18.42
Krisztina tér 6.44 18.44